If you need official support, you can reach out to us via our Teamspeak (, email (, or just simply hit us up on Twitter (@LabyMod). Alternatively, you can visit our Discord and ask the LabyMod community for some help.

Please note that we do no longer support LabyMod 2, so please update your LabyMod client to the newest version in order to get official help!

You can report bugs you found on our website or the LabyMod Client on our Suggestion / Bug Platform.

You have to verify yourself on our website. Log in and visit our verification page, where you will find all the information you need.

Please find all information about this topic here.


If you see a player with an offending cape, please feel free to report them via the ingame command /capereport NAME.

Don’t worry! Just connect to with the newest version of LabyMod and fill out the form which opened in your browser.

We try to make LabyMod available in different languages by actively integrating the community. Many languages are already translated. If your language has not been translated yet, you can contribute here.

If you don't have Java installed please install it here first. If Java is already installed on the latest version, please try to install the program Jarfix.

If you don't see the Teamspeak ingame although you have activated it, download the ClientQuery addon here.


You can manage your Cosmetics and Emotes on our Dashboard.

LabyCoins are a "currency" in the LabyMod-Shop. When buying (for example with a Paysafecard) the rest can be credited in LabyCoins. But in the future there are also several rewards for which you can get LabyCoins!

LabyCoins, which you bought can be moved. LabyCoins, which you have received as a gift or won cannot be moved to different users.

If you haven’t installed Java yet, please install it first here. If the latest Java version is already installed, please try to download the programm Jarfix.

You can download capes from other users here and bandanas here.

You can create and edit capes on the capecreator page.

Please make sure that your cape has the right size (352*275). In addition you have to upload your cape as a PNG file on our website.

You can download the template here beneath the client-download.